Hi, my name is Ivana.

Welcome, добродошли, välkomna

This is my online home. A place where work meets hobbies, and what I do in my free-time is not so private anymore.

If you wish to read the blog, head to the ARCHIVES underneath. The other two links will lead you away to my work projects. ART is dedicated to my father’s work and has a number of links where you can see all his artwork for sale. ARCHITECTURE leads to my company’s website.

If you are seeing a post written in Serbian or Swedish, it means that the content is not applicable outside of these countries. Either it is something that culturally fits one or the other, which means it is easier to write about it in the native language. Or, it might mean that it is not relevant anywhere else. For example a review of a Swedish or Serbian book that isn’t translated to any other language.

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