This Friday (21/8) marked my tenth anniversary of living in Sweden.
I’ve been thinking about what I should write about because it just feels like this date deserves to be marked somehow. And then I hit a jackpot! My previous blog (theconstructionsite) was still online! I was able to read most of the posts from August 2010 until August 2013.

So let us dive into a little retrospective of what I wrote years ago when I was still new to Sweden.

The reason behind my first blog was promotional material for Chalmers, which lead to a number of posts regarding how to dress in Sweden, what to bring when moving here, finding your first apartment etc. I was never before paid to write, and it seemed like an amazing way to earn money while studying. An extra bonus was that it also made it easy to keep all my friends and family up to date with what was going on in my life.

List of the clothes you will wear in Sweden on daily basis

As we can read from the picture, I always liked the weather in Sweden. Somewhere on my hard drive is a video of me walking through snow and just enjoying the squeaking sounds underneath my feet. (first ASMR video ever created 😉 )
Anyway, as we can see, I almost immediately noticed that the clothes were oversized and men wore bright colours. This observation stands the test of time, as well as the comment about Ray-Ban glasses.

Frölunda elevator, my first student apartment

And while on the topic of clothes: I first discovered second-hand shopping in Sweden. More precise, Myrorna at Järntorget. It was a treat for a student without any income. This pink coat was, if I remember correctly, around 100 SEK and I adored it.
I also used to take selfies in the elevator to mark the passing of time in Sweden. It is fun to look at those again since I almost remember every single event I went to, just because of the clothes I wore.

Lecture by Chrissie Evling at Chalmers, regarding intercultural communications

I still agree and disagree with the same points I mentioned in the original blog. What has changed is that I do open my own doors these days, and Denis teases me with a nickname “Strong Woman” (you need basic knowledge of South Park to find this funny).

My first smartphone was iPhone 3G and since then I haven’t changed from Apple. I also haven’t changed the look of my phone, but today I order cases from Casetify. And choose them extra shiny and fun!

I don’t have an alarm anymore. I’ve been waking up around 6:30 – 7:00 am almost my entire life. School in Serbia started 7:30 in the morning and I’ve been waking at that time since I was seven years old. These days, if I sleep in, I consider that my body needed rest/felt sick and I don’t fret about being late.

This picture is interesting because of two things: my Instagram-anniversary is also falling at the same time as many other important dates. And I liked being called a hipster. I wouldn’t call myself hipster anymore, but the geek can remain without any problems.

you can find his work here

It wasn’t destined that I become a fashion blogger, not now, not then. But I did have some swag back in the days. I remember these boots with much love. Maybe some artful pictures of clothes and accessories aren’t that wrong to post. We shall see (how bored I am)…

The next picture is essentially one of the most important posts I have ever shared online. Just reading it today makes my eyes tear up.

And because it is a fun fact: EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW has met Skarsgård one way or another, except me! (If you don’t know why this is relevant, we have never spoken IRL). All jokes aside, it is crazy how many of these points are still relative to my life. I mean, I haven’t written a list like that since 2012, but I don’t believe it would be so much different today.

Migrationsverket, the bane of my existence. There is something very special about waiting to receive your paperwork. It feels like having your life, and your breath, on hold for a very long time. Just a small thing to annoy you in the back of your head, every time you relax and think that the future is a bit more clearer. Though my experience is overwhelmingly positive, I still get upset about one instance when Denis had to call because they kept giving me the wrong information. Still, I have been a Swedish citizen since 2016, so all the hard work paid off.

These two pictures are so important! First one because I remained in Sweden because of that job and got my student visa turned into a working one. The second one because I had no idea how correct I am when I wrote that last sentence.

The first week of the rest of my life.

So true! And this year, I opened my own company (corona pandemic, simply perfect timing, no comment). If all goes well, and I strongly believe it will, in one way or another, this sentence will grow even more correct.

back in the days, when Michael Kors didn’t rip off other brand’s design

I also never bought this bag. Nor did I ever buy anything I said I will buy. I think I announce at least once per year that if something happens, I will treat myself. And then I save money for it, the thing happens, and I feel bad about spending.

And to sum it all up, one of my last posts on the old blog. It was the year online dating became the norm in Sweden and all the newspapers wrote articles about which dating sites are trustful and how to navigate between them. I never got to writing about this topic because the only person I met IRL is the one sitting across from me, waiting for me to get ready for our 8th-anniversary dinner tonight.

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