moody picture of cloudy sky over the lighthouse on a Swedish island Öland

Between the coastlines, there are forests and plains, both equally nice. We liked forests best because of the two reasons. First one is because it sheltered us both from the sun and the rain. The second one is because it was the home to blueberries. It is simply amazing to get down from the bike and immediately be able to start plucking and eating berries. Yes, there are spiders and cobwebs all over the place, but I am bigger 😉

And since I mentioned rain… We got caught in it twice. The first time it was relatively brief, but we were unfortunate to bike next to the coastline without any natural protection. Wind and rain, straight in your face, while biking equal hail-like pain. Least fun time of the holiday. The second time it was pouring like in a dramatic movie scene where two main bosses are about to fight. The rain lasted for at least an hour, during our 2 hours ride home. Never in my life have I been so wet. Not my clothes since I had short biker leggings and a rain jacket, both performing great. But my sneakers… Those were bathtubs for my feet, filled with crystal clear, cold water. And my face had small waterfalls of its own, all gathering in my mouth. All in all, it was a fun experience that would have been less fun if there wasn’t a warm shower waiting for me at the hostel.

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