Како до Шведске – током студирања

Вођена изразом ”боље икад, него никад” ево га и други од три дела о животу у Шведској. Схватила сам кад сам села да пишем ово, како ја уствари не могу да дам праву слику студентског живота јер је од тих дана прошло скоро једанаест година, а то је у данашње време екстремно дугачак период. Али […]

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Tenth Anniversary

This Friday (21/8) marked my tenth anniversary of living in Sweden.I’ve been thinking about what I should write about because it just feels like this date deserves to be marked somehow. And then I hit a jackpot! My previous blog (theconstructionsite) was still online! I was able to read most of the posts from August […]

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Öland 2.6

Between the coastlines, there are forests and plains, both equally nice. We liked forests best because of the two reasons. First one is because it sheltered us both from the sun and the rain. The second one is because it was the home to blueberries. It is simply amazing to get down from the bike […]

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Öland 2.5

We’ve been to both east and west coast. Each side has lovely sand beaches, surrounded by pine trees and blueberry bushes. As far as you can see, there is nothing but water and clouds on the horizon. It is windy during the day, but there are dunes to hide behind and bathe in the warmth […]

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Öland 2.4

We’ve eaten Ölands bread, one of my favourite sorts of bread since I first bought it as an architecture intern in Gotheburg. A lot of cheese in tubes, with different flavours, something I don’t get to eat on a normal day because it’s not “real food”. Kroppkakor, island’s signature dish, a sort of potato dumpling […]

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Öland 2.3

We’ve seen a 900 years old oak in a Trollskogen (Enchanted forest) as well as a shipwreck, old ways of producing tar for the boats, old burial mounds, a wishing-well and the biggest swarm of flies ever (luckily I’ve been told to shut up just a couple of seconds before unknowingly walking into it). We’ve […]

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Öland 2.2

Öland is really beautiful. On a relatively small area, you have every biotope you can imagine. The island is 137 km long and at its widest part only 16 km wide. Nightingale is chosen as its representative animal and yellow rockrose its flower. Scattered around the island are ruins and archaeological sites from the Iron […]

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Öland 2.1

We booked two city bikes at Borgholm, and a room in Löttorp, at the STF Hagaby. Little did we know that Ölandsleden and Sverigesleden, two bicycle paths over the entire island, can have truly anything as road material. In hindsight, I am sad not to have taken a picture of every path we biked on. […]

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